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you are the reason why I smile

Twitter pack with Janet Delvin

bio (for 1 pack): ☺ you’re never gonna be alone ☺

bio (for 2 pack): › I like my choice. I hope she likes hers ‹

Janet Devlin packs please babe? 💖

posted ♥♥

Twitter packs with Bella Thorne

bio (for 1 pack): 🌻 you are my new best friend 🌻
bio (for 2 pack): ☯ I’m sorry that I’m not perfect ☯

Twitter packs with Ariana Grande

bio (for 1 pack): ♡ he likes you a lot ♡

bio (for 2 pack): i want you to stay

Twitter pack with Selena Gomez

bio (for 1 pack): follow me. we’re going home 🙋

bio (for 2 pack): ➳ maybe some questions have no answers

Twitter pack with Lady Gaga

Twitter pack with Zoella

bio: ☁ head in the clouds ☁

Twitter pack with Holland Roden

bio: ♡ my heart live with you ♡


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